Wish ListDisgaea

Item Name(s): Disgaea Garage Kits

Info: I LOOOOOVE garage kits!! I'm always after any Disgaea garage kits to add to my collection. Here are pics of all the ones that I know of and don't have. Just because a kit isn't shown here though, don't mean I'm not interested. It just means I don't know about it. So if you know of ANY at all that are available, please ddon't hesitate to contact me!

Item Name(s): The World of Disgaea art book

Info: I have the Japanese version of this art book. I'd really love the english version too.

Item Name(s): Disgaea CD Set


Item Name(s): Disgaea Prinny strap


Item Name(s): Prinny plush

Info: This is probably the same Disgaea 1 Prinny plush as I've already got. I've never seen it in a box though, so I mostly want it for the box. ^_^;;

Item Name(s): Disgaea 2 guide book

Info: I'm after this guide book complete with the bookmark.

Item Name(s): Disgaea 4 Gashapon Straps

Info: Originally sold in gashapon machines in Japan. I don't have any of them, so I'm after any and all of them!

Item Name(s): Disgaea D2 Cafe Badges

Info: I already have Flonne, Pure Flonne, and Barbara. I need all of the others.