CollectionWind Waker "Zelda Box"

WW 'Zelda Box'
Item Name: Wind Waker "Zelda Box"

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Set: n/a

Released As: Commercially available box set

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Enterbrain

Year: 2003

Other Info:
Zelda Wind Waker Box. Includes a 12 track CD soundtrack, Link and Moblin mini figures, a large poster with a map on the back, and a book containing art, and info.

Other Pictures
WW 'Zelda Box' - Box
WW 'Zelda Box' - Box
WW 'Zelda Box' - Box
WW 'Zelda Box' - Link Figure
Link Figure
WW 'Zelda Box' - Moblin Figure
Moblin Figure