CollectionWind Waker Bookmarks Set

WW Bookmarks Set
Item Name: Wind Waker Bookmarks Set

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Set: 4 bookmarks (this is the complete set)

Released As: Competition prize

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: ?

Year: 2002

Other Info:
This set of four bookmarks could be won as a prize in a competition. Details for the competition could be found in the back of the Wind Waker 'Zelda Box' book, where these are listed as one of the runner-up prizes, which was awarded to 12 people.

The bookmarks are made of a thin flexible plastic, with a ribbon attached to the top.

Other Pictures
WW Bookmarks Set - Grappling Hook Bookmark
Grappling Hook Bookmark
WW Bookmarks Set - Hero's Bow Bookmark
Hero's Bow Bookmark
WW Bookmarks Set - Hero's Sword and Shield Bookmark
Hero's Sword and Shield Bookmark
WW Bookmarks Set - Wind Waker
Wind Waker Bookmark